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Geroldsau Waterfall, Baden-Baden, Germany | The Black Forest, Germany - Part I (IMG_6970_73_2.jpg)

Geroldsau Waterfall, Baden-Baden, Germany

Geroldsau waterfall is an approximately 9 m high waterfall and a popular destination south of the Baden-Baden district Geroldsau. Formerly the Geroldsau waterfall was called the "Große Bütte" (Bütte is an old German word for tub). The deepening in front of the waterfall was compared to a tub. In the 1820s the Geroldsau Waterfall was popularized by travel guides and a rising number of people visited the Grobbach valley. In the middle of the 19th century the Badeanstalten Commision invested in the developement of the attraction. The paths were renewed and bridges were built.
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