Turckheim - Alsace, France

Turckheim, located in Alsace, is a village known for its Gew├╝rztraminer wines, traditional Alsatian cuisine, and stunning surrounding scenery. It is probably most well known for its surrounding medieval wall. The wall has three gates, or portes: The Munster Gate, The Gate of the Brand, and the Gate of France, through which lies the railway station and the roads to Colmar. These three portals help distinguish the village from the majority of Alsatian towns by lending it a unique character. Turckheim boasts a particularly quaint and well-kept city. Few of its early Renaissance buildings were destroyed in the numerous wars which have swept through Alsace and Moselle, therefore it is a popular for tourists interested in the Alsatian building style typified by half-timbered homes, varied pastel wall colorings, and flowers.
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