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Shrine, Tomb of Menna, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna | The Valley of the Nobles - Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Egypt (20230219_113025.jpg)

Shrine, Tomb of Menna, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna

At the end of the long hall is a small niche that once contained a gypsum plaster statue of Menna and his wife, Henuttawy. Only the legs and the feet of the small statue still remains. The wall around the niche is decorated and includes images of four offering bringers who hold trays of fruit, bread, beer, and bouquets towards the statue niche. When the tomb was in use, an offering table would have been placed before the niche to serve as the central location for ritual offerings made on behalf of the tomb owner and his wife. The tomb was a point of communication between the living and the dead and even after the dead were buried, people continued to use the tomb.
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