Tomb of Ankhtifi - Mo'alla, Egypt

Ankhtifi was a nomarch (provincial governor) of Hierakonpolis and a supporter of the pharaoh in Herakleopolis Magna (10th Dynasty), which was locked in a conflict with the Theban based 11th Dynasty kingdom for control of Egypt. He lived during the First Intermediate Period (around 2100 BCE), after the Egyptian Old Kingdom state had collapsed, and at a time when economic hardship, political instability, and foreign invasion challenged the fabric of Egyptian society. The village of Mo'alla is located on the east bank of the Nile, 44km south of Luxor. Here was discovered a necropolis containing several burials belonging to the provincial governors and officials of the Old Kingdon and of the First Intermediate Period. Only two tombs are decorated, that of Ankhtifi and that of Sobekhotep, perhaps one of his sons.
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