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Courtyard of Temple of Ramesses III, Karnak | Karnak Temple Complex, Egypt (20230218_093446.jpg)

Courtyard of Temple of Ramesses III, Karnak

The Temple of Ramesses III is located south of the Second Pylon of the Karnak Temple. During his reign, Ramesses III added his own bark shrine to the area in front of the temple, opposite that of Sety II. This shrine took the shape and size of a small temple, including a small pylon, a court with colossal statue pillars, a hypostyle hall, and a sanctuary. The first court is lined with eight Osride statues of the king; the west side wear the red crown of the south, while those on the east side wear the white crown of the north. The Osiride statues on the west hold the hek scepter in the left and and the nekhakha scepter in their right.
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