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Stavrovouni Monastery, Stavrovouni, Cyprus | Cyprus - South (IMG_2098.jpg)

Stavrovouni Monastery, Stavrovouni, Cyprus

Stavrovouni Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery which stands on the top of a hill called Stavrovouni, in the District of Larnaca. The monastery is one of the few places where one can see a piece of the Holy Cross. Stavrovouni Monastery was founded by Saint Helena (Saint Constantine's mother) in around 327-329 AD and therefore it is one of the oldest monasteries in the world. Stavrovouni, as the name already indicates, is dedicated to the Holy Cross; it can be derived from two words 'stavros' (in Greek: cross) and 'vouno' (in Greek: mountain), so that it basically means "the mountain of the Cross".
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